Why you should change to data-driven attribution instead of Last Click in Google Ads Today

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Why you should change to data-driven attribution (DDA) instead of Last Click in Google Ads Today. If you want to know why, keep reading 👇

Why you should change to data-driven attribution instead of last click in google ads today - meme

For some months already, it’s been possible to use DDA in Google Ads also in smaller accounts, which previously haven’t met the requirements.

Here is why you should use DDA if it’s available in your Google Ads account:

🤼 With last-click attribution, only the last touchpoint/campaign is being awarded the conversion.
All other campaigns like Display are being neglected and are less likely to get attributed a conversion than a search campaign.

🤝 In contrast to last click, DDA also gives Display and other campaign types some recognition of being part of the customer journey, by attributing a fragment of the conversion.  

🍎 Brand keywords are often used consecutively after the first general (non-brand) search (e.g. first search: cloud server, second search:. amazon AWS). With last click brand campaigns get attributed the whole conversion instead of partial attribution to both campaigns.

💵 DDA improves budget allocation in the account, since conversions give the algorithm a better picture of important campaigns. Also you will get a somewhat more realistic cost per conversion in the campaign tab.
Display, Video & generic search campaigns will bring more leads because of the improved allocation of the Google algorithm.

Even if the impact seems to be low in the beginning, the attribution can have a tremendous effect on the holistic campaign performance in the account on the long term.

However, to remain eligible for DDA you still need to have at least 3,000 ad interactions and 300 conversions every 30 days. If you have several ad accounts, it might make sense to structure them under one manager account (MCC) and set up the tracking on that level to easier meet the target.

Even if there might be some use cases, where another model works better, for most use cases DDA will be the best solution. Let me know what you think in the comments section!


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